Contorted Dioramic Palette

by Dr. Shrinker

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    After 25 years of ancient slumber, this rotting, repulsive, bacterial infested corpse has been disinhumed. Reanimated with a mouthful of maggots, via the fusion of both old and new components - Dr. Shrinker releases their first studio full length recording. Contorted Dioramic Palette contains 8 portraits of the grotesque including 5 songs from the 1989 Wedding the Grotesque demo that re-analyze the original sound but also emanate a differing punishing emotion and flow. With 3 new pictures painted gore, including the title track, Repulsive Habits, and The Edge of Forgotten Tomorrows and Diminishing Yesterdays. Indeed................. The Doctor Is In....................................

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released December 18, 2015

Copyright 2015 Dr. Shrinker & Dread Records.
All music and lyrics by Dr. Shrinker
Recorded and Mixed by Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Recordings
Mastered by Scott Creekmore at Mercenary Digital Studios
Art & Logo by Stephen Somers



all rights reserved


Dr. Shrinker Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Contorted Dioramic Palette
I made you I fashioned you
precisely where you lie
My vision my cognizance
Perfection seen through only my eyes
I am fixed and unseeing
Unless somehow you understand me
I kneel down to this altar
This sculpture; this Human Weave

A concept; An image
Interpretation of Iconography
A Tribute; A Spectrum
Masquerades the Nightmare
Ligaments and Tendons; Fastened
Bound with Precision
An Addition to this Landscape
(That I know I) Must prepare

Tailor; A Pattern
Align the Figure(s)
Seam; Join
Sew Stitch Pull
Blend; Together
In an eloquent arrangement
Knit: As Puce
trickles from the fresh wounds

Cortorted; Topography
Intertwined of Predetermined Subjects
Dioramic; An exhibit
A mosaic; An exquisite composition
Palette; A Permutation
of a sequence of corpses
This is; By Design
The Contorted Diaromic Palette

Amalgamate; A Flank to the Thigh
with Overhand Knot
Fuse; Shin to Belly
Using a Lariat
Coalesce; Head to Hip
By Chained Thread
Unite; Appendages Mended
Employing a Figure Eight

Sanguine Fluid saturates
the newest puzzle piece
To Maintain the beauty
Soak and Cleanse

Male and Female
Comprise the Configuration
Contoured Map
Of Preserved Bones and Flesh

Your placement has been meaningful
We're finishing this motif together
Amongst the human crevasses and hills
As - one ; Honoring ; Every Part, Forever

[***Repeat Chorus***]
Track Name: Repulsive Habits
I strain from the barrage
The constant abuse and torment
To alleviate the suffering
Into Euphoria my descent

I Carve into the flesh
The schizophrenic mural
Portraits of the Grotesque
Engravings, gouged , surreal

Criss Cross, Parallel, Perpendicular patterns
Embed into Fibrous scarred tissue quivering lips
Absence of Support, Cant Cease, Irrational Thinking
The twitching echoes through my Fingertips

Repulsive Habits

Maneuver between reality
and the unearthly
Steer to subconsciousness
Fractured sense in a journey
An unraveling of Discernment
A numb soul , dead in the heart
To step out of an enclosed shell
A new life, a work of art

Mold, absolve the tension
Chisel, Liberate the fear
Sculpt, Disseminate the psyche
Etch, Extricate the tears

I Clutch Myself; excavating
into the open cavity
Smirk at their shock
as they know this is my revenge
I Cannot believe this feeling I get
from the shock at my reprisal
Continue to fashion, fabricate and contrive
A masterpiece; At full arousal

Repulsive Habits

Reflecting on Actions; Punished with Impunity
Discovered a Magnum Opus, Pain to no longer endure
Redirected the Misery; To Aesthetic Pleasure
the Agglomeration of Remains; Much To Explore
Track Name: The Edge of Forgotten Tomorrows and Diminishing Yesterdays
Observe the Repetitions and
Actions of the Elderly Man
Make up of a Daily Ritual
A Cycle He Cannot Comprehend

(Section 2)
Stares Agape Sullen Eyes
Unbeknownst to What's in His Abyss
A Darkened Backward
A Pale Forward An Unreachable Bliss
(Section 3)
You're Welcome to Peer Into His Head
Sit Down; Analyse the Tale
Dementia Has Stripped Him of Memory
Haunted By a Spectre; Mind Assailed

Battered Nerves Dilapidated Impulses
Eroded Emotions Weary Silence
Blurred Visions Swathe of Distress
Shattered Memories Stertorous Breath

(Repeat Sections 2 and 3)

What Is the Sound of Blackness
The Echoes of a Former Self
What is Lost and Forgotten
No Recollection; This is Farewell

On The Edge Tomorrows Forgotten
Psychologically Comatose Tomorrows Forgotten
Yesterdays Diminished Tomorrows Forgotten
A Cocoon of Self Banishment Tomorrows Forgotten

The Illustration; An Outlet; A Portal
The Edge; A Definition; A Means To An Escape
Brush Strokes; Symbolic of Past Thoughts
Bridging the Gap; To An Unsolvable Maze ?

Progress Engraved Do the Components Align ?
Curvatures and Crests Locked Away; A Riddle To Time.
Disengaged; Interrupted From a Thousand Mile Gaze
The Paranormal Presence Tormenting Crashes down in waves

Playing Puppeteer On the Strings of the Soul
Buried Flashbacks Extracted by Apparition
Vengeance; Self Inflicted Retribution
The Grim The Horror Debilitates Expiation

Give Me Just One Night of Remembrance
Instead of Another With Post Traumatic Distress
Let Me Write My Last Chapter
In An Autobiography; With My Pen That's Ink-less

(Repeat Sections 2)