Local Live WMSE 06​-​14​-​2016

by Dr. Shrinker

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released June 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Dr. Shrinker Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Geometric Assembly of the Disinhumed
A totem of past transgressions
A monument for all to see
A theme of ostentation
(A) technique; lays out a legacy

The Epoch of
Abusive Measures
The Exponential
A tale of
Perverse Expression
Their Mastery

Slivers of Splintered Contrition
Shards of Shattered Ruefulness
Particles of Pulverized Compunction
(the) Remnants of (Demolished) Penitence

Twisted Bodies Lie Geometric
In the Assembly the Disinhumed

Vulgar Display
Formulates their work
Entangled Equation
a Theorm in Gore

Slaughter by Proxy
Satisfies the Appetite
Unleash the Carnage
No Remorse; Desensitized
Posthumous Reflections
On those that are Exhumed
Tail of Destruction
Collect them all the Disentombed

Offer up those Sacrificed
Computing the Deviation
Variables; Are the Innocent
Engineered; (By) Deplorable Vision
Trophies to Accumulate
Calculate a Hypothesis
Merely the Casualties
Solutions this algorithm

Symbolically Illustrated as a pact
A cermonial depiction (to which) skulls are stacked
A Bizarre Identity; A signature; Abstract
Distorted Admiration; Delves into their past

(repeat IV)

Ethmoid Frontal Occipital
Cranial Bones
Parietal Sphenoid Temporal
Cranial Bones
Coronal Lambdoid Sutures
Cranial Bones
Nasal Lacrimal Mandible
Facial Bones
Maxilla Zygomatic
Facial Bones
Vomer Palatine Orbit
Facial Bones


(repeat I)

(repeat II) 2x

(repeat III)

Disinter Inspect the Pieces
Resurrect their Lifes Autograph
Unearth the Conglomeration
Reveals the tragic Epitaph